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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.

MEMBER Planned & Organized Activities

These are activities that are suggested, planned, and organized by our individual members. The Club has no official involvement in or responsibility for them. Activities for these groups are posted on the Classifieds & Forums page.
49 Members
These are activities that are planned and organized IN ADVANCE by individual MEMBERS for a specific date. They could include activities such as: a trip to the zoo, a museum event, a concert, a gallery exhibit, a Sox or Cubs game, a day trip to someplace, etc. Activities for this interest group will be posted on the FORUM page and you will receive an email for each posting.
44 Members
These are short-notice activities suggested by a MEMBER looking for someone else to join them. These would be along the lines of: "I have the day off--who wants to play golf... Who wants to take a walk through Morton Arboretum today...Who wants to join me for breakfast tomorrow...Who wants to go to Navy Pier tonight...Who wants to go to Uniquely Thursday." Activities for this interest group will be posted on the FORUM page and you will receive an email for each posting.

Art, Design and Travel

14 Members
Get together monthly with other gardening enthusiasts and swap tips, swap plants, plan garden plots, help other group members with gardening tasks.
Coordinator: Linda Slepicka
5 Members
Do you take pictures everywhere you go? Would you like to share photos, tips, and tricks with other like-minded members? This group is for you! Coordinator needed.
24 Members
Learn about other people's travels and find others who would be willing to travel with you. Coordinator needed.
Coordinator: Brigid a McCormick


30 Members
A book is selected each month and members meet up to discuss it. There’s always time for socializing and you’re invited to join the fun even if you didn’t read the book. Book selection is always reserved for us at the Hinsdale Public Library. Fourth Tuesday of the month, at 12:30 PM and we usually rotate among member homes. Best For: Adults who enjoy reading Cost: None
Coordinator: Therese C Landschoot
12 Members
Members who are interested in meeting in the evening to discuss books. Time, place, frequency, and book selection to be determined. Coordinator needed.


32 Members
Movie Night for the ladies with drinks/dinner afterwards the third Tuesday of the month late afternoon or early evening. Each month I'll post a survey with the movie choices so you vote for a movie when you register. Cost: Movie admission plus your food/beverages.
Coordinator: Patti K Kolewe
14 Members
This group is for people who enjoy dancing. This could include attending dance performances, going out dancing, taking dance lessons, etc. Frequency and location of meetings to be determined. Coordinator needed.
45 Members
Casual activities such as trivia nights, visits to local pubs and restaurants, as well as social gatherings at members’ homes usually held on a Friday night. Cost: Varies depending on venue and event.
Coordinator: Mary Parsons
40 Members
Meet once a month at a local establishment to make new girlfriends and strengthen established friendships over happy hour drinks and food. It's a casual get together with just the women in the club who enjoy a smaller group setting to get to know one another. Dates and location to be determined. Needs a coordinator.
3 Members
The guys get together once a month to watch movies their wives have no interest in seeing – mostly action stuff with gratuitous violence! Each month I'll post a survey with the movie choices so you vote for a movie when you register. We meet at the Hollywood Blvd. Theater in Woodridge. Cost: Admission is $8.50 + your food/beverages.
42 Members
An early evening out with your friends at a local watering hole held the third Monday of each month, 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., on a drop-in basis at a local tavern, restaurant or similar spot. Venues will change each month (Suggestions welcome!). Cost: Varies with venue, tends to be affordable.
Coordinator: Maureen Wood
39 Members
Do you like to attend theater productions, local and downtown? Time, place, frequency to be determined. Coordinator needed.


33 Members
Meet for coffee and conversation at different coffee shops around town. Frequency and locations to be determined.
Coordinator: Patti K Kolewe
24 Members
A group that meets to have fun cooking together Meet four times a year starting at 10:30 and finishing after lunch has been eaten. We try to meet on Fridays….it’s a great way to glide into the weekend. We rotate the location among member homes. Best For: Any member interested in cooking with other members and then sharing the end result in a sit down lunch Cost: Varies with the menu selected but ranges $10 – $20
41 Members
A bunch having lunch together. When we meet in someone's home, it's potluck. Usually the second Tuesday of the month, 11:30 AM We rotate to different member houses or go to a restaurant. Best For: The gals Cost: Bring a dish to share Inga Haveric Coordinator
Coordinator: Paige Logan
18 Members
Meets monthly (usually on the 4th Thursday) starting between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m to explore local eateries and new cuisines. This event is open to members and guests on their memberships.
Coordinator: Jocelyn Ellis


4 Members
Members who are interested in playing Bridge. Time, place, and frequency to be determined. Coordinator needed.
20 Members
Bunco is a fun game played with three dice and teams of two. It’s much more about socializing than winning the game! We play once a month on the first Thursday at 7 PM. and we rotate the location among players homes. Best For: Singles with a friend or couples. Cost: Each player brings $5.00 and six $1.00 bills Coordinator needed.
11 Members
Members who are interested in playing Canasta. The group plays monthly. See calendar for specific dates and times. Activity Coordinator is Vera Adamjee
18 Members
Euchre is a fun and fast-moving card game that anyone can learn. We mix and match partners every round and then award prizes to those with the most (or least!) individual points. The third Saturday of the month, 6:30-11:00 PM, and we rotate locations from month to month. Best For: Come as a couple or single.
Coordinator: Christine Julian
11 Members
Mahjong is a game of both skill and luck that originated in China many centuries ago and was brought to the West in the 1920's. It is always played with four players seated around a table using tiles. The first person to match a hand of 14 tiles and thus "call mahjong" ends the game. The excitement of mahjong lies in the decisions that you will constantly have to make. Like poker, you will learn a lot about your opponents and adjust your strategy according to their strengths and weaknesses.
3 Members
It’s just the guys for all your favorite poker games. Strictly low stakes ($.25/$.50) – it’s all in fun. Once a month, usually the second Friday at 7 PM and usual at Scott's house. Best For: The Guys Cost: $20.00 chips buy-in; bring your own drinks and snacks to share
10 Members
Second Thursday of every month. Bring your own drinks & a snack to share.
Coordinator: Patti K Kolewe
1 Members
Join the fun! Play Bingo on zoom with fellow Newcomer friends.

Sports/Physical Activity

8 Members
Members who enjoy canoeing or kayaking on our local waterways meet to share information and plan outings. Meeting frequency and location to be determined. Needs a coordinator.
6 Members
Members who are interested in biking together plan rides and share information. Time, place, and frequency to be determined. Coordinator needed.
10 Members
We hit and then chase after a little ball while enjoying time with friends. Leagues run from April – October Monday mornings (men) and Tuesday mornings (ladies) at Downers Grove Golf Course, Thursday mornings (ladies) at Flagg Creek Golf Course Best For: Anyone interested in playing Golf Cost: League membership fees & greens fees are approximately $225-259 for the season
10 Members
Members who would like to go with fellow members to various sporting events, tailgate and/or carpool. Time, place, and event to be determined. Coordinator needed.
4 Members
Members who would like to play tennis. Time, place, and frequency to be determined. Coordinator needed.
30 Members
Members who would like to walk together on a regular basis. Time, place, and frequency to be determined. Coordinator needed.


31 Members
What it is: A group dedicated to helping others. When: Varies by activity Where: Varies by activity Best For: For those with a passion for volunteering and helping those in our community who are a little less fortunate than ourselves. Cost: Your time and energy
Coordinator: Betty Wazowicz

Young Families

Activities geared around members with young families
1 Members
Gather up the kids and go to the park--while the kids play you hang out with the parents! Group members will determine when, where, and how often to meet. Coordinator needed.
1 Members
Meet in small groups at members home with pre-school or younger children. Group members set up the schedule. Coordinator needed.